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Dynamic. Understated....
Pagina 2-Scaune Wilkhahn Stitz Catalog, brosura Engleza s that regular use of Stitz boosts
your body’s...
s that regular use of Stitz boosts your body’s co-ordinating skills. Stitz 2 Design: ProduktEntwicklung Roericht Model 201 / 1 cork seat, black frame Model 201 / 2 seat in black embossed leather, black frame As a one-legged piece of furniture, Stitz stands on an elastomer base filled with quartz sand. As a result, it adapts to any movement and does not topple over even when it is not used. By pressing the disc underneath the seat, the leaning height can be infinitely adjusted with a gas lift to between 65 and 90 cm. Tough, black through-dyed materials ensure that even after a long service life scuffs and scratches are virtually impossible to see. The inset to the seat is optionally available in natural waxed cork, with embossed leather or fabric. Whether in offices, studios, surgeries or for speeches at lecterns – a “third” leg offers ideal support for anybody that does not want to stand necessarily, but does not want to sit either. 50401002-SR 0411 Further ... ascunde

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