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Pagina 1-Scaune pivotante Wilkhahn Modus Medium Catalog, brosura Engleza Modus® Medium.
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Pagina 2-Scaune pivotante Wilkhahn Modus Medium Catalog, brosura Engleza us Franck,
Werner Sauer and wiege,...
us Franck, Werner Sauer and wiege, Fritz Frenkler, Justus Kolberg Model 284 / 7 High backrest, shoulder support, polished aluminium frame More compact and simpler is impossible: just turn a knob to adjust space-saving t ­ orsion mechanics to suit your body weight. The buttons for adjusting the seating height and locking the backrest (0° position) are conveniently integrated underneath the sides and front edge of the seat. Modus Medium 281 / 5, backrest with non-transparent material 283 / 7 284 / 7 287 / 7 281 / 5 50523002-SR 4.2014 Modus Medium The spacious Modus Medium range is at home in executive office and conference areas. Striking are the elegantly curved armrests made of grained polypropylene, or aluminium with classy leather covering. In addition to swivel and cantilever chairs for conference and meeting areas, the Modus Conference chair is very impressive here with its typical, four-arm seat bearer and particularly elegant four star ba ... ascunde

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Scaune pivotante

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