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­cantilever  chairs.
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olstered, f ­ rame bright chromium-plated The seat shell is optionally available with exchangeable seat and back cushions, or with a non-upholstered backrest. Select upholstery from the wide range of fabrics in the Wilkhahn collection. 183 / 3  Refreshing and informal: with its shell, through-dyed in white synthetic fabric with matching armrest pads, this cantilever is also a star in healthcare and spa facilities, or the home. 183 / 3  The cantilever’s stackability is an integral part of the design. The elegant three-dimensional curve of the frame permits stacking of up to five chairs. The completely smooth underside of the seat shell and its v-shaped side extensions prevent marks on the seat and back cushions during stacking. 183 / 5  Distinctive, classy and practical: the outer rail on the backrest acts as a grip and makes the back section of the chair flexible. The cushions on the leather versions are especially high quality, crafted to perfection a ... ascunde

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