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SMARTSPACE USE OF ™ SMARTITION ROTATING WALLS Hufcor, the world’s leading provider of operable partitions introduces the SMARTITION™ rotating wall system – a bold new product for optimal use of interactive whiteboard technologies for education. I I Share expensive technology between rooms Uses Hufcor’s patented Unispan® self-supporting system – no need for special support structure Installs into new or existing schools Provides excellent acoustical separation between rooms Designed with horizontal internal supports that allow schools to mount up to 300 lbs of additional equipment on the face, such as interactive projection screen equipment Includes pre-installed rated dual conduit for both data and electrical hookups Unique counter balance design makes it easy to operate SMARTITION™ rotating wall systems provide Timberview Middle School in Keller, TX an efficient option for sharing classroom technology such as interactive whiteboards. I I I I I The Hufcor SMARTIT ... ascunde

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