Turnuri de racire cu circuit inchis CABERO GCH/GCV

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Pagina 1-Turnuri de racire cu circuit inchis CABERO GCH/GCV Fisa tehnica Engleza DRY COOLER
DRY COOLER GCH/GCV ( / (MONO COIL) APPLICATION: air conditioning and refrigeration systems CAPACITY RANGE: 8 -1,300 kW COOLING MEDIUMS: water, glycols, oils AIR DIRECTION: vertical or horizontal CONSTRUCTION: tubes: Copper, Stainless Steel, Alu fins: Al, Al-coated, AlMg3, Cu casing: galvanised steel, powder coated RAL 7035 CABERO 4 FEATURES – very safe and long life operation; – reliable coil construction based on sliding ring system; – robust construction with all-around U-frame; – casing made of galvanised sheets, Powder coated RAL 7035; – Stainless Steel and other corrosion resistant fastening parts; – dry coolers with 24 various fan speeds optimising air flow, noise level and power consumption to suit system requirements at different load levels; optimisation; – over 33,000 different dry cooler models for comprehensive system optimis – 2 speed or variable speed fans / motors are available for further balancin of system; balancing with – well engineered, profes ... ascunde

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