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Pagina 1-Turnuri de racire cu autodrenaj CABERO Autodrenare Fisa tehnica Engleza SELF-DRAI
SELF-DRAI SELF-DRAINING DRY COOLER (MONO COIL) APPLICATION: air conditioning and refrigeration systems CAPACITY RANGE: 60 -1,400 kW COOLING MEDIUMS: water AIR DIRECTION: vertical CONSTRUCTION: tubes: Copper, Stainless Steel, Alu fins: Al, Al-coated, AlMg3, Cu casing: galvanised steel, powder coated RAL 7035 CABERO 6 FEATURES FEA FE FEATURES exchanger coil so anti-freeze solution is not – patented design with self-draining heat exch This necessary during low temperature periods. T patented system allows fast and effective draining of liquid from entire heat exchanger and therefore does not carry the risk of water freezing inside the unit; – environmentally sound option as pure water can be used without glycol mixtures; – very safe and long life operation; – reliable coil construction based on sliding ring system; – robust construction with all-around U-frame; – casing made of galvanised sheets, Powder coated RAL 7035; – Stainless Steel or corrosion resistant fastening ... ascunde

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