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ADIABATIC SYSTEMS FOR HEAT EXCHANGERS WITH HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL AND V-CONSTRUCTION OVERVIEW During summer operations with higher ambient temperatures heat exchanger capacity reduces due to smaller temperature difference. Inlet temperature at which air is entering heat exchanger can be reduced 4 - 8 K by introducing adiabatic cooling. Entering air temperature reduction depends on heat exchanger and adiabatic system design, with air velocity and relative humidity as main design factors. Adiabatic system consists of spraying nozzles for dispersing water into air, which evaporates and cools the air before entering the heat exchanger creating higher LMTD. This means either more capacity or lower operating point for heat exchanger. It is necessary for this system to use demineralised water in order to keep the heat exchanger free of calcium deposits which would reduce capacity as well as the life of the operating unit. We recommend units with corrosion resistant and easy to clean blue fins ... ascunde

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