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Deluxe built-in module
VERSALINK Deluxe built-in module VersaLink is a concealed Plug and Go power supply system, designed to be compact and multifunctional. The standard system includes 2 power sockets, 2 RJ-45 Cat 6 data connectors, microphone jack, 1 video jack and 1 VGA. VersaLink is available in a standard choice of finishes including anodized brushed aluminium, or a matt black. Thanks to its universal appeal, it is ideal for executive offices, meeting rooms, universities, libraries and many more environments. Technical data Purpose Notes Special cables available on request. Materials Finishes STANDARD: Brushed Aluminum, Brushed Black ASA International Group - P.I. / VAT IT 02526270158 - via Buonarroti, 60 - 20090 - Trezzano S/N (MI) - Italy - tel.+39 02 4455894fax+39 02 4450107 - P.I. / VAT IT 02526270158 - ... ascunde

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