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Built-in module

VersaFlap offers a...
VERSAFLAP Built-in module VersaFlap offers a beautifully styled exit edge complete with an under-surface power module mounted at a 45 degree angle to avoid damage from spilled liquids. Technical data Purpose University, Conference Room, Library, Hotel, Office Notes lenght available 120x240/320/450/600 mm Cables not included Special wiring system are available on demand. Materials Finishes TOP ACCESS: Anodized Aluminum, White ASA International Group - P.I. / VAT IT 02526270158 - via Buonarroti, 60 - 20090 - Trezzano S/N (MI) - Italy - tel.+39 02 4455894fax+39 02 4450107 - P.I. / VAT IT 02526270158 - ... ascunde

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