Placaj brut - Declaratia de performanta WELDE

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Pagina 1-Placaj brut - Declaratia de performanta WELDE Certificare produs Engleza DECLARATION OF PE,RFORMANCE...
Pagina 2-Placaj brut - Declaratia de performanta WELDE Certificare produs Engleza tasks specified in Article ...
tasks specified in Article 12 (2): WELDE G. m. b. H. Holzhandel Donaufelderstrasse 216, A-1220 Vienna tel.: +43 (1) 203 28 50 ; +43 (1) 203 28 50 Fax.: +43 (1) 203 28 50120 ; e-mail: 6. System or systems of assessment and verification construction products as set out in CPR, Anex V: of constancy of performance of the , SYstem 7. 2* In case of the declaration of performance concerning a construction product covered by harmonized standard: Notified factory production control certification body No.1359 Holzcert Austria performed the initial inspection of the manufacturing plant and of factory production and the construction surveillance, assessment and evaluation of factory production control and issued the certificate No.1359-CPD-0255 of conformity'of the factory production control. 8. Declared performance Essential characteristics Performance Harmonised technical specification Strenght for structural use (bending) thickness 21 mm 30 mm f*, thicknes ... ascunde

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