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Reference Project Vestas Technology R&D Vestas´ new development centre in Aarhus is designed to concentrate the company's development facilities under one roof. The development centre will contain office facilities for 500 staff members, as well as a showroom, large and small laboratories and test facilities. The building will provide an environment for development, innovation, creativity and contact between the test facilities and the office areas. The architects, Arkitema, have chosen a combination of painted, perforated and textile covered panels. They have also created “acoustic wings” using oak panels. The textile used is fire-resistant and the panels have been installed by using adhesive and tacks. Even before the building was finished, a need for office facilities for another 450 staff member was identified. So now part 2 of this project is under construction and even a part 3 is planned to be started during 2010. Gustafs Inredningar AB Stationsvägen 1, SE-783 50 Gustafs ... ascunde