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Reference Project Baneasa Shopping City, Romania The Baneasa Shopping City opened in May 2008 and is one of the largest commercial areas in South Eastern Europe. It is located in a new area called Baneasa, which is an integrated part of the capital city. You can hardly miss this impressive new building on your way from the airport into Bucharest. The commercial area is in total 85000 m2 and accomodates a mix of all kind of fashion brand stores, restaurants, bars and cafes. Gustafs has delivered about 6000 m2 of panels, mostly ceilings in Gemini Cherry veneer. 2400 m2 needed acoustic properties and this was solved with our PH8 perforation. This is the first project for Gustafs in Romania in cooperation with our new partner Histria and we achieved a very good result, despite the large area and the complex constructions. Gustafs Inredningar AB Stationsvägen 1, SE-783 50 Gustafs Tel: +46 243 79 20 20, Fax: +46 243 79 20 25 For more information on this project please visit www.gustafs.c ... ascunde

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