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Reference Project TVP SA, Poland The new headquarters of the Polish Television is designed by the polish architect Czesław Bielecki. This new building is shaped like a snail shell, a 12 floors high tower made of glass also called the ‘Tower of Babel’. The form of the building charactarises the new openness of this institution that used to be so ideologically burdened in communist Poland. The building's structure with its vast, glass umbrella creates an atmosphere of being freely accessible to all. Bielecki had several sources of inspiration for this project. For example the motif of Noah´s Ark for the multifunctional halls, studios and utility rooms, Japanese decorative patterns for the stone pavement in front of the building, the Roman Fontanna di Trevi and a statue of Wiktor - TVP's annual award, in front of the building. Gustafs and Inside delivered and installed 3,900 square meters of walnut, birch and painted panels for the walls and ceilings in the main hall, the corridors, ... ascunde