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Reference Project Filharmonic Hall in Lodz, Poland Filharmonic Hall in Lodz is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular buildings in Poland. The building is designed by architect Romuald Loegler and was awarded in the "Construction of the Year 2004" competition. Loegler used a combination of modern and old architectural styles, which refers to the character of Ignatius Vogl Concert Hall from the XIX and XX centuries. The building consist of main concert hall with more than 800 seats in total, chamber hall, VIP Lounge, foyer, choir training room, rooms for musician, café, hotel rooms, bookstore and underground garage. Gustafs and Inside delivered and installed 1,300 square meters of stained beech panels, SH5 and SH8 perforation, as a wall and ceiling cladding in the main concert hall, choir training room, the foyer of the chamber hall, the café and the main hall. Gustafs Inredningar AB Stationsvägen 1, SE-783 50 Gustafs Tel: +46 243 79 20 20, Fax: +46 243 79 20 25 For more informati ... ascunde