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Reference Project ÅF Head Quarters Two things have influenced the design of the new ÅF head quarters, the positioning in northern Stockholm and the ÅF identity. The requirements for architecture, interior design, function and respect for the environment have resulted in 28,000 square meters both attractive and effective office facilities. The architects are Strategisk Arkitektur and Sandellsandberg Arkitekter. Gustafs panels have been installed in several parts of the building; the entrance, elevator area, stairwells and auditorium. Some of the panels are in black stained ash and others are painted white and perforated to receive the acoustic solution needed for the auditorium. Gustafs Inredningar AB Stationsvägen 1, SE-783 50 Gustafs Tel: +46 243 79 20 20, Fax: +46 243 79 20 25 For more information on this project please visit We welcome any questions or feedback on the newsletter. Contact us: ... ascunde