Mortar epoxidic tricomponent, cu consistenta fluida MAPEI Planigrout 300

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t u 0 ro30 ig n la P High-performance easy-flow tri-component epoxy mortar WHERE TO USE Planigrout 300 is an epoxy mortar specially developed for fastenings, repairs and structural filling. Some application examples • Repair and structural reinforcement of beams and columns by casting into formworks. • Rebuilding and renovation of crumbled joints in industrial floors. • Repairing bridge-crane runways subject to strong vibrations. • Repair of joints between concrete slabs in deteriorated industrial floors (butt joints). • Filling of large holes in concrete floors and slabs. • Foundations for presses and general heavy machinery. • Evening-out of the surfaces of support elements for the bearing of bridge beams. • Structural fixing of tie-rod fasteners and bolts in existing concrete structures, stone, rock and steel subject to vibration and chemical attack. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Planigrout 300 is a tri-component product based on epoxy resin, selected well-graded aggreg ... ascunde
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