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Produse încluse în această documentație: Adesilex PG1, Mapegrout Easy Flow GF, Mapegrout Gunite, Mapegrout Rapido, Mapegrout SV, Mapegrout SV Fiber, Mapegrout T60, Mapegrout Tissotropico, Mapelastic, Mapelastic Smart, Planigrout 300, Planitop 100, Planitop 200, Planitop 430, Plastimul, Silexcolor Primer, Mapegrout BM, Mapefinish, Adesilex PG2, Adesilex PG4, Antipluviol S, Duresil EB, Elastocolor Primer, Epojet, Epojet LV, Eporip, Idrosilex Pronto, Lamposilex, Malech, Mapecure E, Mapefer 1K, Mapefill, Mapefill R, Stabilcem, Mapegrout Colabile, Mapegrout Colabile HI-Flow TI 20, Fibre R60, Fibre R38, Elastocolor Pittura, Silexcolor Pittura, Disarmante DMA 1000, Disarmante DMA 2000, Elastocolor, Planicrete, Silexcolor , Lampocem
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BUILDING SPECIALITY LINE BUILDING SPECIALITY LINE BUILDING SPECIALITY LINE Mapei S.p.A. Via Cafiero, 22 20158 Milan - Italy Tel. +39-02-37673.1 Fax +39-02-37673.214 C.P. MK 66033001 - (GB) 5/2009 Mapei S.p.A. Via Cafiero, 22 20158 Milano Tel. +39/02 37673.1 Fax +39/02 37673.214 ADHESIVES • SEALANTS • CHEMICAL PRODUCTS FOR BUILDING Building speciality line Concrete, once thought to be indestructible, is subject to a series of heavy chemical, physical, biological and mechanical attacks which, in the long term, cause its deterioration. The rise in building costs means that it is almost always more convenient to restore it. Even in very serious situations. The same applies to the masonry of historic buildings or of new construction. Today, MAPEI can offer the most appropriate selection of materials for every kind of restoration work. * Our Commitment To The Environment More than 150 MAPEI products assist Project Designe ... ascunde
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