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Pagina 1-Masa Wilkhahn Logon Catalog, brosura Engleza Logon. 620 range

Minimum thickness. Maximum strength.
Pagina 2-Masa Wilkhahn Logon Catalog, brosura Engleza o order by Wilkhahn. The tabletops, with their...
o order by Wilkhahn. The tabletops, with their characteristic impact-resilient profile integrated into the lipping, are available in laminated, veneered or linoleum versions. Versatile room usage is achieved, particularly when combined with Confair and Timetable ranges of matching, portable, collapsible or swivel tables. Logon Design: Andreas Störiko Whether streamlined table portals, or superior flush-mounted technimodules, in terms of form and function, the modules’ versatility is the right solution for any requirement. The suspended Logon modesty panel in fluted, extruded aluminium profile provides a screen and conceals cables. 50416002-SR 1109 Further information at: Standards and certificates. For up to date environmental information, please visit the Wilkhahn website. D-133-00055 ... ascunde

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