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VERSAPOINT PLUS Aluminium distribution box Versapoint plus is a power box hosting up to 12 connectors, from two to five poles, also with the possibility to have a dedicated ups line. Designed for versatile enviroments to provide a practical and economic saving in installation time. Two brackets allow you to mount it under the floor or on wall. Aluminium case makes versapoint plus solid and strong, suitable for officed and work environments Technical data Purpose Elettrical installation Notes Connectors supported: Wieland GST18I2 Wieland GST18I3 Wieland GST18I4 Wieland GST18I5 Wieland series RST Materials Aluminum Finishes STANDARD: Black ASA International Group - P.I. / VAT IT 02526270158 - via Buonarroti, 60 - 20090 - Trezzano S/N (MI) - Italy - tel.+39 02 4455894fax+39 02 4450107 - P.I. / VAT IT 02526270158 - ... ascunde

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