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Certificat ISO 9001

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Certification Awatded to URSASLOVENIJA, d.o.o. Povhova2,8000 NOVOMESTO,SLOVENIJA Bureau Veritas Cetification certifies that the Managehent System of the above organisation has been audited and found to be in accotdance with the requirements of the management system standards detailed below Standards ISO9001:2008 Petmrtted Exclusion(s) No Exdusion(s) Scope of supply THEPRODUCTION THERMAL OF ANDSOUND INSULATION PRODUCTS FORINDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION AND PURPOSES INCLUDING PRODUCT'S DISTRIBUTION AND USER CONSULTANCY Oigid,4pproua l D an: 2 11O2120O5 Subj€c, theclrtirtled nisfoctory aperatian thearganivtion't t0 of Management Slsten,tbi cerlifcate ualid t antil: 1111112010 plcateca//+386 (0)147 57 670. To check mtficate ualidiE thi: Faftherclaifcationt regardirg vapeof thiscenifcale theapplicabili4, thenarugenen the and. of ystemreqahvment[ beobtained nx:alting theorgadutior. ma1 bJ Certfcanranber 224148 Dan: 1111212009 *^i{:;:,* cERllt-lc^l'loN U'IJIORIIY: Bureru Velit^s Certificar ... ascunde

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