Umidificator cu abur HYGROMATIK MiniSteam

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Pagina 2-Umidificator cu abur HYGROMATIK MiniSteam Fisa tehnica Engleza HygroMatik MiniSteam-Comfort
HygroMatik MiniSteam-Comfort Steam output max. 10 kg/h MiniSteam Electrode Steam Humidifiers for Direct Room Humidification The HygroMatik MiniSteam processes all standard control signals and is self-adjusting to the available water quality. MiniSteam-Basic offers • proportional or on/off control • automatic system test • 5 LED‘s to indicate important operation information • 2 potential free remote signals • integrated interface RS 485 • stand-by blow-down and stand-by heating MiniSteam-Comfort offers additionally • back-lit LC display • 4 function keys for easy operation and programming • integrated PI control Technical Data MiniSteam Type Steam ouput MS05 [kg/h] Electrical supply* Electrical power MS05 MS10 4,8 5 10 230V/1/N/50-60Hz 400V/3/N 50-60Hz* [kW] 3,6 3,8 7,5 Current [A] 15,7 5,4 10,8 Fuse [A] 1 x 16 3x6 3x16 Control Basic, Comfort Control voltage 230 V Empty weight [kg] 11 11 13 Operational weight [kg] 14 14 19 H ... ascunde

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Umidificatoare cu abur

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Umidificator cu aburi

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