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T i m b e r m at e E x c e l Underlay Technical Specification Item Code: TATEX11013 Sponge Rubber Issue Date: 13/3/2013 Suitable for underfloor heating Suitable for the floating installation of laminate and solid timber floors Issue No. 7 Standard Specifications Nominal square weight † 2545 g/m² (75 oz/yd²) Nominal roll weight† 38.3 kg Roll area* 15.07m² (1.37m x 11.00m) BS 5808: 1991 Nominal thickness† 3.60 mm BS 4051 Mean original thickness from nominal thickness (Max.12%) 1.2 % BS 4051 BS 4051 Difference between max. & min. original thicknesses (Max.3mm) 0.3 mm Work of compression Minimum 50 J/m² 3 0.5% / 0.6% BS 2576 Loss in thickness after dynamic loading (max 15%) 4.7 % BS 4052 Loss in thickness after static loading (max 15%) Pack Contents Roll Size: 1.37m x 11.0m Standard Roll 0.685m x 14.6m DIY Roll Technical Specifications Thickness Drum Sound Emission Roll Weight 3.60mm 56 SONE 38.4kg Standard Roll 25.4kg DIY Roll BS ... ascunde

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