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Brio Underlay Technical Specification Item Code: TABRIO Polyurethane Rebond Issue Date: 16/09/2015 Suitable for stretch-fit installation of carpets Issue No. 7 End Use Classification (BS 5808: 1991): GD/U, General Domestic Use Standard Specifications Nominal density† 98 kg/m³ Nominal square weight 784 g/m² Nominal roll weight 11.8 kg Roll area* 15.07m² (1.37m x 11.0m) † † BS 5808: 1991 End Use Classification GD/U, General Domestic Use Nominal thickness 8.00mm Work of compression Minimum 50 J/m² >110 J/m² BS 4098 & BS 4052 Retention of work of compression (min 40%) >70 % BS 4098 & BS 4052 Loss in thickness after dynamic loading (max 15%) <10 % BS 4052 Loss in thickness after static loading (max 15%) <5 % BS 4939 Resistance to cracking (not greater than 50mm) Pass BS 5808 BS 4051 Flammability Hot metal nut test (tested in Interfloor laboratory) Low radius of effects of ignition BS 4790 & BS 5287 Other Specifi ... ascunde

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