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Pagina 1-Seria M57 KAESER KOMPRESSOREN Catalog, brosura Engleza MOBILAIR M 57

Portable Compressor
With ...
Pagina 2-Seria M57 KAESER KOMPRESSOREN Catalog, brosura Engleza  also
available for use in colder ambient...
Pagina 3-Seria M57 KAESER KOMPRESSOREN Catalog, brosura Engleza he machine down upon intake of combustible...
he machine down upon intake of combustible gases. Anti-Frost Control as standard Large capacity, transparent fuel tank Easy to operate Excellent accessibility, optimum serviceability Specially developed for portable compressors, the patented Anti-Frost Control automatically adjusts operating temperature in relation to ambient. In combination with the optional tool lubricator, this feature prevents air tools from freezing up and significantly extends service life. When fully filled, the fuel tank carries sufficient fuel for an entire work shift without the need for refuelling. Diesel line deaeration is made simple via the fuel feed pump (Start switch). Reliable, gentle starts are guaranteed, even in cold temperatures, thanks to manual switch-over from pressure-free start-up to load operation and a start switch that features a pre-warming function. A pressure gauge and airend temperature display enable all information to be viewed at a glance. Thanks to intelligent component layo ... ascunde

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