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ck). To ensure optimum corrosion control, all steel parts are first sandblasted and then painted with two component coating. Hydraulic operator By use of a low pressure hydraulic system the two lift cylinders and the lip cylinder operate independently from each other. Control box and operating A switch for the interlocking of a door to the Leveller is available as an Operation Range Possibilities Leveller hinged lip lengths of 400 mm Above dock below dock 2000 BH 700 (600) 290 (250) 340 (290) 2500 BH 700 (600) 360 (310) 330 (270) 4000 BH 900 4500 BH 900 570 620 350 350 outside the permissible gradient range of ± 12,5%. Supplies by others Options/Equipment Operating elements of the control box Safety appliances normal operation can be restored lip is ensured even the deck is unilaterally loaded. The formation of 0609 ... ascunde

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Rampe de incarcare, descarcare

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