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2009-09-29 / JVo POLARWOOD PRODUCT DATA SHEET PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 14 mm pre-finished parquet flooring (floating / glued down) – manufactured according to EN 13489 MANUFACTURER OOO Focus Wood, Kirova st. 1, village Maklino, Maloyaroslavets, Russia TECHNICAL PROPERTIES Length Width Thickness Hardwood surface thickness Middle layer thickness Bottom layer thickness Deviation of squareness Fixing system Height difference Moisture during first delivery Height difference (lipping) Thermal conductivity Hardness on Brinell Scale 2266 / 2000 mm 188 / 138 mm approx.14 mm approx. 3,5 mm (± 0,5 mm) approx. 9 mm (spruce) approx 2 mm (spruce veneer) max. 0,2 mm mechanical locking system max. 0,2 mm 7,5 ± 1 % max. 0,2 mm 0,13W/mK Oak 2,9 – 3,7 SURFACE LAYER’S UV-COATING SYSTEM Lacquer: Gloss standard coating 35° ± 5°, UV-hardened solvent free polyacrylate finish Test description Abrasion resistance (12/16) Abrasion resistance (50 %) Scratch resistance (Erichsen) Adhesion (Cross cut) Adh ... ascunde

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Tundra White Matt Calvados Cottage Cottage FP Dark Brown Living 3s Oregon Oregon FP Tundra 3s