Cortine antifum KADRA FSV

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Pagina 1-Cortine antifum KADRA FSV Fisa tehnica Engleza Safely Control Spread of Fire
Technical Details &...
Pagina 2-Cortine antifum KADRA FSV Fisa tehnica Engleza ent of fire. Smoke barriers, when used within a smoke...
ent of fire. Smoke barriers, when used within a smoke and heat control system, become a critical element of that system. If smoke barriers are not in their fire operational position, the system will not perform as designed. However, even in the event that other elements of the SHEVS do not function, smoke barriers in the fire operational position will provide essential smoke containment and channelling. 2 ® Smoke Curtain Smoke PROtec  Application range: Parts from EN 12101-1: The function of smoke barriers is to control the movement of fire effluent within construction works by forming a barrier. The functions of active or manually deployed smoke barriers are identical to those of static smoke barriers, but they also have the ability to be retracted and concealed when not in use. Typical functions of smoke barriers are: * to create a smoke reservoir by containing and limiting the travel of the smoke; * to channel smoke in a pre-determined direction; * to prevent or retard smo ... ascunde

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