Certificat ISO 9001 DOXAR

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Pagina 2-Certificat ISO 9001 DOXAR Certificare produs roatia DQS Hotding Gr;.bH Germang FCAY Brazil...
roatia DQS Hotding Gr;.bH Germang FCAY Brazil FONDONORMA Veneztela ICONTEC Colombia InspectaCertification Finland INTECO CostaRica lRAl:,ll Argentina JQA Japan KFQ Korea MIRTEC Greece MSZiI Hungarg Nemko AS Norutag NSAI Ireland PCBC Poland Quality Austria Azstna RR Russia SIGE Mdnco SII Israel SIQ Slouenia SIRIM QAS International Malagsia SQS Surttzerland SRAC Romania TEST St Petersburg Russia TSE Turkeg Vingotte Belgium YUQS Serbia IQNet is represented in the USA by: AFNOR Certification, CISQ, DQS Holding GmbH and NSAI Inc. * This attestation is directly linked to the IQNet Partner's original certificate and shall not be used as a stald-alone document ** The list of IQNet partners is valid at the time of issue of this certificate. Updated information is available under www.iqnet- certification.com acreditrt ponku CEFflFICARE SREN ISO/CEI 17011-1 :I!1 J CEEITIFICAT DE ACREDITARE sMm4 c ERTIFIC sRAc A T certificd orgonizofio/ certifies the organisation DOXAR GRUP S.R.I,. B-du ... ascunde

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