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Mobile ...
VISIO Mobile glass wall Type Visio Character / application Transparent mobile glass wall, suitable for enclosing a space without losing visual contact between interconnected rooms. Panel dimensions Profile thickness Glass thickness Height Width Door panel Frame construction Panel view Glazing Finish Weight Panels interconnect Panels connect at top and bottom Side connection (option) Track Wheels / trolleys Static behaviour Environmental conditions Notes 45 mm 10 mm: with panel height up to 3,000 mm 12 mm: with panel height from 3,000 to 3,500 mm Up to 3,500 mm Up to 1,250 mm Clear access width 866 mm, with standard door width of 950 mm Horizontal solid aluminium profiles (technically anodised aluminium) in which the glass is mounted. Visible horizontal aluminium profiles. Standard version technically anodised colourless aluminium. Can be painted in any RAL colour if required. 10 – 12 mm toughened glass in accordance with EN standard 12150 with tolerance in accorda ... ascunde

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