Adeziv gel pentru elastomer ARMACELL Armaflex RS850

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Pagina 1-Adeziv gel pentru elastomer ARMACELL Armaflex RS850 Fisa tehnica Romana NON-DRIPPING ADHESIVE FOR...
Pagina 2-Adeziv gel pentru elastomer ARMACELL Armaflex RS850 Fisa tehnica Romana d adhesive for uniform and...
d adhesive for uniform and safe seam-bonding of flexible Armaflex insulation materials. Assembly Please observe our installation instructions / product data. Application temperature: idealy between +15 °C and 25 °C, not below +10 °C. Work should not be carried out on working plants or areas exposed to strong sunlight. Remarks Adhesive bond reaches full strength after 24 hours. The system should not be operated during this period and any self-adhesive tape or protective coatings, except Armafinish 99 paint, should only be applied after this period has elapsed. Property Value/Assessment Special Remark Temperature Range Temperature Range +70 °C min. service temperature Yield max. service temperature -40 °C Minimum consumption with the adhesive applied to both surfaces: Armaflex tubes (thickness > consumption unslotted > consumption slotted): 10 mm > 1120 m/l > 140 m/l; 20 mm > 280 m/l > 70 m/l; 30 mm > 175 m/l > 45 m/l; 40 mm > 130 m/l > 35 m/l; These figures are a guid ... ascunde

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