Sistem audio modular profesional AUDAC XMP44

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Pagina 1-Sistem audio modular profesional AUDAC XMP44 Fisa tehnica Engleza AUDAC


Pagina 2-Sistem audio modular profesional AUDAC XMP44 Fisa tehnica Engleza ion that will live up the needs...
ion that will live up the needs for any user taking high regard of crystal clear audio reproduction. Simultaneous operation for all four modules makes it a compact multi-source system which is the perfect expansion for any multi-zone audio system. The front panel of the system accomodates a 2.8” TFT display in combination with a push rotary function dial and 4 tactile pushbuttons. The controls and indicators on the front panel of the unit are guaranteeing an intuitive and user friendly operation, allowing hassle free operation and configuration to even unexperienced users. Four USB interfaces (one for each module) are enabling playback or storage of media and voice file, while pre-listening for each output is possible through a built-in PFL speaker with individual volume control. Both RS-232 and TCP/IP communication ports are implemented, allowing system integration with any home or industrial automation system. Advanced configuration and control possibilities are offered using the e ... ascunde

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