Purificator aer Wood's ELFI 900

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Wood’s ELFI 900

Our most ...
Air purifier Wood’s ELFI 900 Our most powerful air purifier. Active Ion HEPA Filter indicator Wood’s ELFI 900 is one of the best and most exclusive air purifiers on the market, suitable for large apartments, offices and other rooms up to 160 m2. The patented filter media makes the machine very efficient with low energy consumption. The Wood’s ELFI 900 cleans the air from dust, pollen, bacteria, and radon particles. It is also possible to equip this unit with a carbon filter to clean the air from odour and gases. 99,98% purification Max 70 W Made in Sweden! 10 years warranty Specification Speed1/2/3/4 Speeds Max area Capacity (m3/h) Power consumption Noise level Purification level Voltage Dims, mm L/W/H Weight 4 160m2 200/400/700/900 25/35/45/80W 30/45/55/60dB 99,98% 220-230 V 220/565/615 14,5kg 30 dB(A) www.woodseurope.com ... ascunde

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