Patura de separare pentru structuri metalice inclinate DELTA TRELA

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DELTA® protects property. Saves energy. Creates comfort. DELTA -TRELA ® Installation Information ˾ 1. Install DELTA®-TRELA in horizontal runs (i. e. parallel to eaves) with the dimple texturing facing upward and the 10 cm edge margin positioned on the side closer to the ridge. Use wide-head nails to fix the sheet over its edge margin. ˾ 2. Install the next roll such that it overlaps over the edge margin of the roll immediately below, ensuring safe water lead-off to the gutter. Standard-sized fixing clips and nails can be used to fix the cladding panels due to the high compressibility of the dimpled air-gap mat. ˾ 3. At the end of the roll, peel and cut off a 10 cm wide strip of the air-gap mat to permit overlap over the end of the neighbouring roll. Use the same procedure for connections to valleys, dormer windows etc. The non-directional dimple texturing of DELTA®-TRELA allows installation at any angle (i. e. not only parallel to eaves) when required e. g. at structural detai ... ascunde

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