Panouri rigide din vata minerala de sticla ISOVER Climaver Star

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Pagina 1-Panouri rigide din vata minerala de sticla  ISOVER Climaver Star Fisa tehnica Engleza CLIMAVER STAR
CLIMAVER STAR CLIMAVER self-supporting ducts for exterior use Description ISOVER high-density glass wool panel for exterior use A non-absorbent panel, faced externally with plasticised embossed aluminium providing a completely impermeable water vapour barrier and ultra-violet protection, and attached to the stonewool panel through a system that is resistant to exposed environments. The interior is lined with a black reinforced Neto glass fibre weave which offers great strength. Thickness d, mm 40 Units Value Standard Thermal conductivity declared as a function of temperature W/m·K (°C) 0.032 (10) 0.033 (20) 0.036 (40) 0.039 (60) EN 12667 EN 12939 Reaction to fire Euroclasse B-s1, d0 EN 13501-1 EN 15715 MU Mineral wool: watervapour diffusion resistance, m - 1 EN 12086 Z Facing: water-vapour diffusion resistance m2•h•Pa/mg 150 EN 12086 MV The vapour diffusionequivalent air layer thickness, Sd m 100 EN 12086 DS Dimensional stability, De % <1 EN 1604 ... ascunde

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