Membrane pentru acoperisuri ventilate cu astereala DELTA FOL PVG

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 DELTA FOL PVG Instructiuni montaj, utilizare...
DELTA® protects property. Creates comfort. Saves energy. DELTA -FOL PVG ® Laying Instructions ˾ 1. As a sheathing membrane, run the sheets parallel to the eaves, overlapping by at least 10 cm. The printed side should face outwards. Underlay the roof laths with DELTA®-NAIL-SEALING-TAPE to give the places where the nails will go in the necessary rainproofing. If the standard angle of the roof does not exceed 6°, the overlap should be 15 cm wide. Roof slates can be laid directly on top of DELTA®-FOL PVG. As a tensioned sub-membrane, DELTA®-FOL PVG should be laid with a little slack. Sheets should overlap by 10 to 15 cm. If the roof incline is less than 22°, the overlap should be 20 cm wide. ˾ 2. The bottom end of the DELTA®-FOL PVG should finish up on the gutter flashing or under the gutter board (not in the gutter). ˾ 3. DELTA®-FOL PVG should be run high up the sides of chimneys and other structures going up through the roof and fixed in such a way as to stop any penetratio ... ascunde

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