Membrane pentru acoperisuri ventilate cu astereala DELTA FOL PVE

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 DELTA FOL PVE Instructiuni montaj, utilizare...
DELTA® protects property. Saves energy. Creates comfort. DELTA -FOL PVE ® Installation Instructions ˾ 1. Lay DELTA®-FOL PVE parallel to the eaves. As a tensioned sub-membrane, DELTA®-FOL PVE should be laid with a little slack. As a tensioned sub-membrane or sheathing membrane, the minimum overlap should be 10 cm. If the slope of the roof is less than the standard pitch, the overlap should be increased. Concealed staples or wide-head nails should be used to secure membranes where vertical or horizontal overlaps occur, or under the counter battens. The membranes’ printed side is the upper side and should face the person working with it when being laid. Sideways overlaps should be aligned under the counter batten. ˾ 2. At the eaves, DELTA®-FOL PVE should lie either on gutter flashing underneath counter battens and gutter board, or on gutter flashing above the gutter board. (Avoid creating water pockets or counterinclines). ˾ 3. On ventilated roof structures, DELTA®-FOL PVE sh ... ascunde

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