Membrane pentru acoperisuri neventilate cu astereala DELTA VENT S

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DELTA® protects property. Saves energy. Creates comfort. DELTA -VENT S ® Installation Information ˾ 1. Unroll each DELTA®-VENT S roll parallel to the eaves with at least 10 cm overlap over the adjacent roll. If the roof is only slightly pitched, use an overlap width of 15 cm. The side printed with the product identification should face outward. Install counter battens to ensure sufficient ventilation between DELTA®-VENT S and the roof tiles. Install DELTA®-NB 50 under the counter battens to seal nail penetrations. ˾ 2. Turn back DELTA®-VENT S immediately above structural penetrations through the roof to keep out rain and snow. This forms a trough which leads off water over the neighbouring rafters. ˾ 3. Use DELTA®-FLEXX-BAND and DELTA®-THAN sealant to seal joints around penetrations. Repair minor damage using DELTA®-MULTI-BAND. 1 2 3 4 Q U A L I T Y ˾ 4. The DELTA®-VENT S sheet should be dressed onto the gutter flashing or below the gutter board (not into the gutt ... ascunde

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