Membrane pentru acoperisuri neventilate cu astereala DELTA FOXX

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DELTA® protects property. Saves energy. Creates comfort. DELTA -FOXX ® Laying Instructions ˾ 1. Run the individual sheets parallel to the eaves and overlap by 10 - 15 cm. If the slope of the roof is up to a maximum of 6° below standard pitch, the overlap should be 15 cm wide. ˾ 2. If any structural components come up through the roof, DELTA®-FOXX must be run up these structures and fixed in such a way as to stop any penetration by rain or snow. A channel made out of DELTA®-FOXX should be made on the upper side of such structures to guide rain and molten snow into the adjacent rafter spaces. ˾ 3. DELTA®-FLEXX TAPE or DELTA®-THAN sealant can be used to make seals even more secure. ˾ 4. The bottom end of the DELTA®-FOXX should finish up on the gutter flashing or under the gutter board (not in the gutter). ˾ 5. DELTA®-FOXX should be run up the side of chimneys, skylights and other large structures that come up through the roof, attached with DELTA®THAN and physically secur ... ascunde

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