Date tehnice - SkamoWall Smooth Plaster (Tencuiala neteda) SKAMOL

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Datasheet: SkamoWall Smooth Plaster The SkamoWall Smooth Plaster joint compound is ready-to-use uniform, white mineral mass designed to be applied on SkamoWall Board. The product is designed to prepare surfaces of walls insulated with SkamoWall Board, to be applied under plaster or before painting. Grade Absorption of water Thermal conductivity (average tabular value.; P=50%) (λ10,dry) The obtained surface is flexible, easy to polish, has excellent smoothness and is characterized by high water vapour permeability. The mass should be applied with the use of a trowel. Value Unit 0.20 ± 0.05 0.47 Water vapor transmission coefficient (tabular value) (μ) 15/35 Chloride content 0.008 Classification reaction to fire HS Tariff number (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System) Colour kg/m² min⁰.⁵ W/mK % weight Class A1 2824.50.90 White Data are average results of tests conducted under standard procedures and are subject to variation. Data contained in this data sh ... ascunde
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