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Pagina 1-Date tehnice - SkamoWall Board (Panoul) SKAMOL Fisa tehnica Engleza Datasheet: SkamoWall Board
Datasheet: SkamoWall Board SkamoWall is a complete system for interior renovation and insulation clearly improving your indoor climate. Once and for all, you’ll get rid of problems caused by humidity and mould. The SkamoWall Boards are developed by Danes and made from calcium silicate. Obtain a perfect wall and a healthy indoor climate with SkamoWall Boards and mounting system. It offers you unique advantages, because the boards: ▪ Regulate humidity ▪ Prevent mould ▪ Have a high insulating power ▪ Protect against fire (fire classified, grade A1) Grade Bulk density (EN 1602) Compressive stress (EN 826) Total porosity (EN 993-1) Water vapour transmission, µ (EN 12086) Value Unit 225 2,800 91 30.8 Thermal conductivity (EN 12667) λ 10 dry 0.066 HS Tariff number (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System) Colour KPa % 7.84 Short term water absorption (EN 1609) Fire classification (EN 13501-1:2007 + A1:2009) kg/m³ kg/m² W/(m×K) A1 – non-co ... ascunde
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