Contactul cu alimentele - Placi HPL FORMICA COMPACT

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Formica® High Pressure Decorative Laminate – Hygiene and Food Contact Introduction ® Formica decorative laminates, manufactured to EN 438:2005 and ISO 4586, consist of layers of specially selected papers, impregnated with thermosetting resins and bonded together under heat and very high pressure. The resulting high-pressure laminate is a homogeneous, high-density sheet that is ready to use and ideal for a wide variety of surfacing applications. ® Formica laminates are highly resistant to impact, wear, heat and staining and provide a hygienic, durable and easily-maintained surfacing solution for the most demanding of environments. They can be fabricated to produce curved surfaces which, with their absence of visible seams, will eliminate joints on internal and external angles in which dirt and liquids can accumulate. Also, the wide variety of sheets sizes offered enables surfaces to be designed and manufactured with the minimum number of joints or seams. This is especially applic ... ascunde

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