Cochilii rigide necaserate cu folie de aluminiu ISOVER CO/ CO AL

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CO PIPE SECTIONS Specification code CE: MW-EN 14303-T8-ST600 -WS1-CL10, pentru diametrul interior < 150 mm MW-EN 14303-T9-ST600 -WS1-CL10, pentru diametrul interior ≥ 150 mm be examined regarding functionality and durability. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Insulation pipe section cut from mineral stone wool blocks. The blocks are obtained by melting the mineral raw materials in a furnace, fiberising the melt by REX process, spraying a a binder and adding mineral oils for protection against dust and water repellence. The product is compatible with stainless austenitic steels, it is manufactured under AS quality conditions, according to AGI Q 132, EN 13468 and ASTM C 795. Fibers are hydrophobic according to EN 1609. Pre-formed mineral wool pipe sections are single-layered hollow cylinders made of one or more segments. They have one longitudinal cut, or are provided as 2 hollow semi-cylinders, in order to facilitate the installation on pipes. The longitudinal cut(s) must be positioned in or ... ascunde

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