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The CLIMAVER ducts are resistant...
CLIMAVER ACCESSORIES The CLIMAVER ducts are resistant to the most aggressive mechanical cleaning methods. For those cases where frequent cleaning of the ducts is required, ISOVER have designed the CLIMAVER METAL SYSTEM. This system can be applied to all the panels in the range: it consists of adding Perfiver L aluminium profiles to the longitudinal edges of the ducts. Therefore, the longitudinal edges are protected. Perfiver H profiles were designed in order to facilitate access and inspection, guaranteeing the watertightness and quality of the ducts. Perfiver L Description Extruded aluminium profile, 1.165 m long. Designed for panel cuts for scarf joint folds. Approximate thickness: 1 mm. Applications Climaver Metal system ducts. They are installed on the longitudinal edges of the ducts, ensuring that they can be cleaned and increasing their rigidity. Presentation Pack of 80 profiles. 1.165 m long profile. Perfiver H Description Extruded, h-shaped aluminium profile, 2.00 m long. App ... ascunde

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