Vopsea superlavabila pentru interior - 25 kg BAUMIT Divina Classic

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vin a Vo ps ea pe su nt pe ru rla in va te bi rio lă r alb ă GB White interior paint with opacity (hiding, covering power) high power coating, high adherence at support and easy application. Can be applied on mineral supports: lime-cement, gypsum, gypsum board and concrete surfaces. Support: clean, dry, unfrozen, resistance without dust. Application: For application can use: roller, brush and airless spray. For pre-coated add up to max. 10% water and after dry time 4 hours can be applied the second coat undiluted or diluted max 5% (if is necessary). Recommendation: The surfaces with irregular absorption must be applied (Baumit Divina Primer). Consumption: approx. 0,16 kg/sqm/layer (0,09 L/sqm/layer) depending on quality and type support. Storage: 18 months, keep paint cool but frost free. Health and safety: Not classified as dangerous product. S2: Keep out of reach of children / S24: Avoid contact with skin / S25: Avoid contact with eyes / S37: Use protection gloves / S29/35: Do n ... ascunde
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