Usa automata glisanta curba ASSA ABLOY Besam Curved CMD

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Besam Curved Sliding Door – CMD The impressive and functional entrance Besam CMD sliding door makes it possible to design the entrance in three dimensions, with depth in addition to the normal width and height. This gives the entrance an elegant and decorative appearance whilst it remains extremely functional. The Besam CMD curved sliding door system (bi-parting with two leaves) can be tailored to meet different customer requirements within the stated parameters. A curved sliding door gives a wider ope­ ing than a flat n sliding door and at the same time provides an impressive and enticing entrance. The discreet form and compact dimensions allow the CMD to be a part of the architectural design. The Besam CMD, like all Besam door systems, is designed with regard to place the safety of the user as of the highest importance. Standard equipment Operator including -- Drive unit with transmission -- Electronic control unit with plug-in connections and power supply - Traffic-controlled ... ascunde