Un material de constructie facilitat de sticla

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Guardian SunGuard ® Company Profile BUILD WITH LIGHT ™ Light A construction material facilitated by glass. The ability of glass to combine function, strength and beauty is remarkable. It has many roles to play in modern architecture, where the benefits of advanced technology enhance the timeless beauty of glass. There are now fewer technical constraints to creativity than ever before. With advances in the design capabilities of all building materials, including glass, architects have a spectrum of products available that gives them the freedom to design with light. Founded in 1932, one of the most significant developments in GUARDIAN’s history occurred in 1970 when it began manufacturing flat glass using the float process. Its developments in quality, safety, versatility and service reflected the changes in the glass manufacturing market worldwide. In 1997, GUARDIAN Industries Corp. launched one of the most comprehensive ranges of architectural glass: the SunGuard® series. ... ascunde
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