Transmitator manual SIEMENS S 425

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Technical Product Information...
instabus rf Technical Product Information January 2005 Hand-held transmitter wave S 425 black 5WG3 425-7AB21 silver 5WG3 425-7AB71 A1 Special function • Establishing connections to other radio-controlled components • Deleting connections to other radio-controlled components • Selection of the standard level • Displaying that the battery is low • Cyclical reporting of the battery status to a control unit A2 Operation Product and Applications Description Operation of the channel button pairs: Four of the channels 1 to 16 can be operated each time, whereby a level is preselected via a level selector button (A3 in Diagram A) and the function is then triggered via channel button pairs 1 to 4 (A4 in Diagram A). Level selector button A: Channels 1 to 4 Level selector button B: Channels 5 to 8 Level selector button C: Channels 9 to 12 Level selector button D: Channels 13 to 16 A3 A4 After functions has been triggered via the channel button pair (1, 2, 3, 4), the preselecte ... ascunde
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