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Pagina 1-Sisteme andocare STERTIL Fisa tehnica Engleza TRAFFIC LIGHTS
Traffic lights can be installed to...
Pagina 2-Sisteme andocare STERTIL Fisa tehnica Engleza nting to the dock, and a galvanised chain 2.5 m long. ...
nting to the dock, and a galvanised chain 2.5 m long. As an alternative to wheel chocks, Stertil can provide the Combilok®, a fully automated truck restraint system. WHEEL GUIDES DOCK BUMPERS DOCK LIGHTS TRAFFIC LIGHTS WHEEL CHOCKS The Stertil product range includes: Rights to technical changes reserved. © Stertil BV 2001. ■ Dock shelters ■ Dock levellers ■ Truck restraint systems ■ Mobile loading bridges ■ Dock houses ■ Sectional doors MANUFACTURER: STERTIL B.V. P.O. Box 23 9288 ZG Kootstertille Phone: +31 512 33 44 44 Fax: +31 512 33 30 99 E-mail: Internet: ® ® DOCK BUMPERS The PE Bumper Because of its unique construction -a front plate, rubber cushioning strips and a back frame- this bumper constitutes a durable alternative for the rubber docking bumpers which can wear out quickly and can be difficult to replace. Stertil has patented the composition and qualities of the applied materials. One of the remarkable features is th ... ascunde

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