Sistem automat de retinere a camionului STERTIL Combilock

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332099 THE COMBILOK FROM STERTIL GUARANTEES SAFETY ® Sensor searches position The Stertil Combilok® is integrated in a wheel alignment guide through which the approaching truck becomes centred in the dockshelter and level in front of the dockleveller. Activation of the control system, which is installed in the building, makes a hydraulic cylinder move a wheel block in the direction of the truck’s rear wheel. An in-built sensor determines the position of the wheel, and then the wheel block is automatically extended and pushed against the rear wheel thereby restraining the vehicle. The wheel restraint principle makes the Combilok® suitable for all kinds of trucks. The wheel restraint’s integral microprocessor ensures trouble free control. The processor offers various possibilities with regard to combined interlocks with docklevellers and/or overhead doors to enhance overall safety. Microprocessor controlled Anti-theft Besides restraining a vehicle safely, the Combilok® helps ... ascunde

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