Sika at Work - Piscina Prestige - Palermo, Italy SIKA

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Pagina 1-Sika at Work - Piscina Prestige - Palermo, Italy SIKA Lucrari, proiecte Engleza SikaTop® Seal-107...
Pagina 2-Sika at Work - Piscina Prestige - Palermo, Italy SIKA Lucrari, proiecte Engleza the corners.

the corners. Our most current General Sales Conditions shall apply. Please consult the most current local Product Data Sheet prior to any use. Sika Services AG Tueffenwies 16 CH-8048 Zurich Switzerland Contact Phone +41 58 436 79 66 Fax +41 58 436 73 32 The pool was then made watertight with an initial coat of white SikaTop® Seal-107 and an alkali-resistant glass fibre mesh embedded in it, followed after 24 hours with a second coat of SikaTop® Seal-107. The pigments used in the mortar were selected by the owner as reminiscent of the local sand. The surface was finished by floating and tight troweling to make the surface uniform, and smooth but also slip-resistant on the base. SIKA PRODUCTS USED SikaRep® Repair Mortar Sika MonoTop®-621 Levelling Mortar Sika®SealTape-S Waterproofing Tape SikaTop® Seal-107 bianco PROJECT PARTICIPANTS Owner: Aldo Violante Project Design: Studio di Architettura Cuffaro&Chiavetta General Contractor: Studio di Architettura Cuffaro&Ch ... ascunde

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